Fit4Life is here to help you learn how to make health, fitness, love, and wellness a lifestyle.  Living a healthy lifestyle is about having FUN!  It is about living life.  Being Fit4Life involves learning to love yourself, others, and life. So many people live life not only physically unhealthy but without respect for self, and so many people end up using drugs (illicit and prescription), people, and food in attempts to fill voids.  Fit4Life is here to show you that you can be healthy, it really is easy, and still have peace, joy, and love.


About Fit4Life:  Fit4Life was started as a way for Stephanie, creator, to remind herself that her behaviors were a lifestyle.  Fit4Life became Stephanie’s self-affirmation.  Stephanie learned that a healthy lifestyle consisted of building strength physically, emotionally,  spiritually, and relationally.  Fit4Life is now a self-affirmation for all to use.  This is too good of a secret to keep so now Fit4Life strives to reach others that are looking to have fun, learn, live, and love.  Fit4Life is an online health coaching service to help show others how to have fun and love through fitness, diet, mental health, and wellness.

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About Stephanie:  Stephanie is a reformed party girl that had tons of extra weight, anxiety, and stress.  The old party  girl Stephanie would rather drink beer, take shots, and eat fast food then learn to cook balanced meals, drink water, and sweat at the gym.

2012-06-25 21.34.06

When Stephanie learned to slow down, self-reflect, and learn to love herself, she found balance, health, love, and a life worth living!

Here Stephanie shares her journey to wellness and provides tips so that others can too.  If Stephanie can learn to be Fit4Life anyone CAN!

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Stephanie obtained her Master of Arts in Psychology in Chicago, Illinois and works as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Stephanie is also working on completing her Dissertation to obtain a PhD in Health Psychology from Walden University.  Stephanie’s research is focused on stress and how stress can sabotage health and self-esteem.

Stephanie has helped hundreds of people overcome trauma and adversity to find love, healing, and confidence.  Stephanie teaches others how health, the mind and the body are connected, and how reducing stress can help improve health and help others feel able to take on the world!

Stephanie is also a fitness instructor and likes to show her Group Exercise Classes that working out IS like a PARTY.  Stephanie teaches classes to improve strength, focus, resistance, endurance, and self-esteem.  Stephanie uses fitness and healthy eating to help others find others see how health and exercise are fun and exciting.  If Stephanie can find health, you can too!  This blog is to help you find the balance and confidence you need to be Fit4Life!

Stephanie also offers online health coaching, counseling, and support.  Please contact us for any additional information.  Stephanie wants this blog to be about YOU!  So let us know what you want to know more about and how we can help you be Fit4Life!

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