Embrace Your #Selfie

As popularity of social media grows people are becoming more and more exposed. There is little personal information kept private and people quickly post, tag, and respond to proclaim intimate details of their lives. The selfie has evolved to allow people to provide a pictorial account of their life.

The occasional selfie can be cute and fun. Scroll any fitness, health, fashion, and lifestyle social media page and you will find it is full of selfies. Many use selfies to show progress, motivate and encourage others, and help tell the story of a personal journey. These selfies are fun and I think they should be embraced.

There are some that believe the selfie phemonenom has gone too far. Some researchers claim selfies are a sign of narcissism and decreased self-esteem and even suicide. This is a shame and shows how things can go too far. (The problem is not the selfie. Rather the person posting. We must remember there are people that have untreated and unaddressed issues but these are not the majority).

I am an advocate of the selfie. I believe the selfie can be used to promote and encourage self-esteem and a positive self-image. The selfie does not have to become a tainted trend.

I have worked with hundreds of young people. Most with low self-esteem and negative body image. Many of these kiddos withdrew and criticized self because they did not want to sound conceited. They were taught to be humble and respectful. These are very important values that should be taught. However these young people also received the message they should not feel pride or express self praise for accomplishments. Rather our youth are too quick to identify what is wrong with them. They cannot accept a complement and they have an easier time telling you what is wrong with them instead of what is right. It has been socially acceptable to speak poorly of self, identify flaws, and point out failures.

When children and young people criticize self, they are quick to criticize others. Ultimately we now have a problem with bullies. Perhaps limiting self-expressing and not allowing children (and ourselves) to freely express positive attributes in self has created an environment where criticizing self and others is common practice. Rather then groan about selfies. Let’s embrace them.

A selfie can be a practice of self love. I want to see more people show off their self love, strengths, and accomplishments. Let’s celebrate ourself so,we can celebrate each other. The selfie is a platform to encourage self esteem and self pride.

1. Selfies show appreciation for self. Now a days there is too much self depreciation. Let’s turn self depreciation into self-appreciation.
2. A selfie shows pride. More people need to know when they have done well and when they have accomplished something. There is a difference between being prideful and proud. To be proud is OK and when we are proud of accomplishments and hard work it is not being arrogant or selfish to want others to know.
3. A selfie promotes posivity towards one self. This picture is saying “I feel good” and “I look good” or “I have a sense of humor”. It is a good thing to think you look good and to feel good and to be able to laugh at yourself. More people need to embrace these thoughts to increase self love.

Selfies should be embraced not to encourage criticism and narcissism. Rather I want people to embrace their selfie as a way to improve self-esteem and increase self-love. Use your selfie to show off how great you are. Next time you see a selfie, rather then roll your eyes, praise God a person has the esteem to show off to the world. Let’s stop discouraging and start encouraging a healthy love for self. When we can love ourselves more we will love others more!


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