Wellness Is for You!

I get asked more then I should if I can personally train people. Although I am flattered I do not feel comfortable training people. Although I have knowledge of working out (due to my own experience) I am not a trained professional (in that expertise anyway). In fact I use coaches and personal trainers to lead me. If you are looking for exercise advice or ways to lose weight you cannot go wrong with a trainer. The stuff I post is to motivate and encourage people in a world where negativity reigns and obesity kills more and more every year! The exercises I post are my attempts to be a show off and do what I see the pros doing. I also do not feel comfortable sharing meal plans or workouts because not only did I have to pay for that service for myself but what I do and what I need is totally different from what others will need. A trained professional can best tell you how and what to do. But what I do do is help others. So many people are stuck in a rut. So many people are abused (or currently being abused), keep making the same hurtful relationship and life choices, use drugs, alcohol, and food to cope, hate their bodies and self, and so many are lost, depressed, and seeking. I preach health and wellness because I care about you; The whole you and what can be done to overcome the barriers and the issues that keep you stuck. I preach fitness because it saved me, it is fun, and I love it. However the focus should be on being a better you! May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to focus on letting people know they are not alone, there is hope, and you can overcome!


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