Accept Your Flaws

This month I am going to focus on how you can be the best you, you can be.  First of all, know and understand you are not perfect.  Let that go!  No one is.  You never will be.  No one will ever be perfect.  Release the desire, the expectation, and the hope to be perfect.  It will never happen.


Now let us be thankful that no one is perfect.  Let us be thankful for our imperfections.  It is imperfection that makes us beautiful, unique, interesting, and fun.  Perfection is boring.  Perfection is so expected, so normal, so plain.  Consider perfect for a moment.  What does that look like to you?  Is it a family that is happy every single day?  Is it a job that you love and look forward to going to every single day?  Is it having unlimited income to buy whatever you desire?  Is it having the ideal body?  The list probably goes on and on.  So let’s say you wake up tomorrow in your perfect scenario.  Then what?  You will spend your life doing the same thing over and over every single day.  Where is the fun in that?  You see when you reach perfection you stop growing.  You can no longer learn, you can no longer change, you can no longer enjoy an experience. But because we are flawed we have the opportunity to continue to grow.  Our flaws allow us to live.

I heard this story once and I would like to share it here with you.  There are two vases.  One vase is beautifully decorated, shiny, and made with the finest porcelain.  On this vase there are beautifully hand painted flowers drawn to perfection.  Anyone who looks at this vase sees its beauty.  Then there is another vase.  This vase has been dulled due to wear over the years.  The hand painted flowers have faded.  There are cracks throughout the vase.  The first vase is used to simply sit on the mantel.  Those who enter the home and see it admire the vase and then move on.  The second vase has a more powerful story.  The cracked vase has been used for years by the family and it is worn because of its usefulness.  This vase is used to carry water from the stream back to the family to use.  Over time the vase developed cracks.  The vase is still useful for holding water, but the cracks have also let water escape as it travels from the stream to the house.  As the vase watered the Earth the path from the stream to the house filled with flowers and green lush grass.  This vase not only watered the family but it watered the Earth.  Without the flaws of the second vase this path would not be beautiful, rather it would be dead.  This vase helped make the long journey from the house to the stream and back more enjoyable.  You see the flaws of the vase contributed to growth and beauty.  Although the first vase was beautiful to admire for a moment the second vase helped nourish and water a family and the Earth.

I know so many people that say “I am so fat”, or “I am so out of shape”.  They say “if only I was skinny or more fit then I would go to the gym”.  They believe they are too flawed to work toward health and fitness.  It is easy to look at a fit person and think they have life figured out.  But the stories that are most inspiring are the people that were obese or overweight and fought, struggled, and worked hard to lose the weight.  We are not inspired by the “fit” person we see in the gym.  Sure we may want to look like them and may strive for their particular physique.  But then when we compare ourselves to that person we feel inadequate.  This comparison leaves us lacking.  However when we hear the story of the 300 pound woman that started working out and eating right and how she lost over 150 pounds we feel inspired.  Her imperfections inspire others.  Because of our flaws we can!  Flaws inspire change, hope, and growth.

Perfection does not make the world a better place.  It is the flaws of others that makes the world better. Through our flaws and imperfections we can strive to be better and we can grow, learn, seek, and inspire.  Others will see our flaws and see how, even with our imperfections, we can be good moms, good friends, good wives, good partners, good daughters, good employees, good teachers, and contributors to society.  Your flaws help you strive to be fit and healthy! Your flaws will help another!  Isn’t that worth striving for?  So rather than strive for perfection, embrace your flaws and embrace how your flaws will change you and change the world!



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