What we consider “healthy” in reality may be harmful

Here is my soap box. Bare with me. A) Even what we consider “healthy” is not always such. B) I am not a fan of the USDA or the FDA. Often the FDA/USDA approved foods/substances have not been researched/tested. Granted science is an evolving field and research will eventually catch up but often our Federal Regulating Offices approve chemicals and toxins to be placed in our foods. C) Please eat out ANYWHERE with caution and with moderation. I want you to enjoy what you eat and have time out to dinner with friends, but occasionally. D) I share this not to scare people but to educate them. We are such an informed society. We know so much crap about crap. But why do we not care to know what we eat and put in our bodies? I care and so I research and read. I share this with you. Take it or leave it. At least you will be making an informed choice.



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