Chest and Shoulder Workout Videos

I see so many people focus on leg day and squats and building hamstrings and glutes. Keep it up!  But as women it is also vital to incorporate chest workouts into our strength routines. Having a strong chest will make your waist look smaller. Now growing a chest will not make your boobs bigger, (I am speaking from personal experience) but it will grow your pectoral muscles. Ladies this will make your cleavage look better, with or without boobies.

  1. Start with a warm-up of push-ups. The Bosu is an option. I did 5 regular push-ups by lowering my chest to the Bosu and bringing my elbows level to my shoulders. Push through the ground to straighten arms. Keep the core engaged, belly button to spine, and keep body straight from head to toes. The next 5 I lifted one foot off the ground and repeated movement. Then I switched and elevated the other foot off the ground and repeated the movement.
  2. Or try single arm push ups. Use a ball to elevate one hand off the ground and push up. Try 7 on each side 3 times.


  1.  Arnold press. Here I am lifting heavy weights to failure so I only did a few reps but more sets. It is similar to a shoulder press. Elbows come in front of body and raise up and when elbows are shoulder height open elbows to football goal position and push arms to straighten weights above. It is a shoulder press with a rotation. Complete this exercise alone. Try for 3 sets 12 reps.
  2. Shoulder press. I used the Smith Machine here so I could use heavier weights. You can use dumbbells as well. Bring elbows to shoulder level, in the shape of a football goal, and press weights up to straighten arms. Lower elbows to shoulder height. I also included a video, of shoulder press using dumbbells.
  1. Seated chest press. Use your chest muscles to push the weight forward and control the movement to starting position.
  2. Incline chest press.
  3. Tricep dips to failure!
  4. Complete these 3 as a super set. 3 sets 12 reps each.
  1. Cable chest fly. This one is one of my favorites. Walk out so there is tension on the cables. I put one foot in front of the other to anchor my body.  Start with arms out in a “T” but keep a slight bend in your elbows. Close your chest cavity and push the weights so that palms come together. Repeat.
  2. Lateral shoulder raises. I used the cable machine again. This is just a variation. I found I was able to stabilize my body and avoid swinging and arching my back which can happen with this exercise. Start by resting palms and weight at thighs then use shoulder muscles and some chest to raise the bar so that palms are shoulder height and parallel to the floor. Keep arms straight and control movement to starting position.
  3. Side shoulder raises. Again with the cable machine. Start with one side and have palm rest at side. Raise arm to the side so that arm is shoulder height. You see I fail a couple of reps here. Doing these at the end is no joke. Try to keep arm as straight as possible but you will have slight bend in your elbow.
  4. Repeat these exercises as a super set. 3 sets 12 reps each.
  1. And end with this core and chest exercise. Be careful. It takes a lot of balance.  Place hands on the bar shoulder width apart. Carefully place one foot at a time on top of the stability ball. Now do 12 push-ups for 3 sets!  And you are done!

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