Drink More Water – Why Water Helps with Weightloss

There is so much talk about weight lifting, cardio, group fitness fads, and clean eating, but I don’t often hear people talk about one major important factor for weightloss and health, Water. It is vital for health and weightloss to drink enough water to keep your body satisfied. Surprisingly people do not get enough water and our body’s are dehydrated quickly. Today’s FitFriday post is all about water because it is so important and helpful. This post comes with a challenge to help you start applying water consumption practices.

  1. Consuming water helps with weightloss. Recently Brenda Davy, professor at Virgina Tech, did a study and showed that people that cut calories to lose weight and also drank water before each meal lost more weight. Researchers suggest consuming water helps create a feeling of fullness.
  2. Water increases your metabolism. Increased metabolism helps burn fat and calories. A study by Michael Boschman, MD at the Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center found that metabolism increasd by 30% following water consumption.
  3. Water replaces other sugary, high-calorie beverages. Those high calorie drinks are wasted calories in that they do not benefit the body. Rather the excess sugar causes the body to store excess fat. Drinking water when thirsty is sugar-free, calorie-free, and good for you.
  4. Water can give you energy. Not drinking enough water can decrease energy. That is because humans are 70% water and we require a lot of water to keep those body systems going. Drinking water keeps the body nourished so body systems can function properly, and this increases energy.
  5. Water keeps you looking fine. Skin contains a lot of water and staying well hydrated keeps skin looking clear and healthy.
  6. Our bodies use water for everything. Breathing, sweating, and metabolizing food. The human liver is 96% water, blood is 80%, and the brain is 75% water. If there is not enough water consumption the body does not have what it needs and this causes dehydration.
  7. Drinking water can decrease pain. People that suffer from headaches and drink more water saw headache improvement. Water depletion causes most headaches and consuming water can help improve the headache in a short amount of time, according to Blau, Kell, and Sperling. Water can also improve joint pain. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD shares that joints are 60-80% water so increasing hydration provides joints with enough water to possibly improve pain and joint function.
  8. Increasing water can improve the immune system and help fight illness, disease, and infection. If there is not enough water the immune system doesn’t have the cells, resources, and energy it needs to fully ward off things that can make you sick. Drinking water can help you feel better.
  9. Water improves mood. Lawrence Armstong reported that dehydration decreased mood and caused feelings of anger, irritability, and fatigue. Drinking more water re-hydrates the body and will improve mood.
  10. Water can improve brain function and concentration. A report in Psychology Today cites that adults and children that consumed water showed improvement in focus, attention, and concentration.
Bottom line is we need water for everything. Water is the source of life. Your body requires enough water to keep body systems working and then needs water to remain hydrated. There are conflicting reports of how much water is needed daily to keep the body properly hydrated. The Mayo Clinic asked the Institute of Medicine about recommended daily water intake and learned that men should drink about 13 cups (3 liters) and women should drink 9 cups (2.2 liters). This value will change with exercise, environment, physical needs, and dietary needs.

 Drink More Water

So how much is enough?  There are reports that suggest drinking 8oz of water 8 times a day is sufficient. But you may need more. Here are some clues to determine if you need more water or not.
  • Urine color – Your body is constantly flushing things out of your body and water aides this process. If urine is clear that indicates hydration. The more color urine has the less water the body has and will indicate dehydration. I have included a chart to help evaluate hydration based on urine color.
  • Thirst – feeling thirsty indicates dehydration. Rather than refreshing self with an energy drink or soda, drink a glass of water.
  • Dry mouth – A dry mouth suggests the body needs more water. Drink a glass and feel satisfied.  I know if my lips feel dry and chapped I need more water.

Tips for Drinking more Water

Keep water with you at all times. Carry a bottle and keep it full of water. I have a large 1/2 gallon jug (I have named her Wanda) I carry everywhere I go. This will ensure you have the fluids nearby to keep the body nourished with water. Teresa Hall, owner of Nautilus Sport and Fitness Centers and a R.I.P.P.E.D. Master Trainer, recommends drinking 1 bottle of water (8-10 ounces) first thing in the morning. This will get your metabolism going, wake up the body, and start your day right!  Stay refreshed!

Water Challenge

Want to drink more water?  Here is a challenge. It is completely FREE!  This challenge asks that participants drink more water every day for 10 days!  Instead of turning to coffee, tea, or soda this challenge asks to drink more water. This is absolutely free AND you can win something at the end!  It is only a win/win for you. Increasing water intake will help with weightloss, mood, and health. Rules below:
  1. Drink more water
  2. Follow me on Instagram, swaitt
  3. “Like” contest picture on my Instagram to let me know you want to participate and be entered in the drawing to win. Invite friends by tagging them on Instagram . The more the merrier. Anyone that follows the rules for all 10 days will be placed in a drawing to win!
  4. Every day tag me on a picture on Instagram proving how much water you drank.
  5. Also tag #drinkmorewater.
  6. Those who tag a picture everyday will be placed in a drawing to win a gift pack.

Happy Drinking!

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