Booty Workout

We all want a squat butt right?! You know that “apple bottom”.  If so then you gotta work your legs.  You gotta get your “ass to the grass”.

Leg day is generally tough.  If you do it well enough your legs will hurt the next day.  If you do it heavy enough they will shake and ache during the workout.

Do not skip leg day.  Your leg muscles are large and working this area of the body is sure to burn extra calories.  You should break a sweat.  I challenge you to make your weight heavy enough to challenge you, but light enough to complete each set.  I aim for 2 leg day workouts a week.  This one will work hamstrings and that booty!

Set 1: 4×12 (complete each exercise for 12 reps, then repeat for a total of 4 times).  These are supersets.  A superset does not have rest between exercises.  Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute in between each set.

  • Squats
  • Split squat (place toes on a bench/step/stool) behind you leaving the other leg planted firmly on the floor.  You want to walk your stabilized food out enough so that you can squat your front leg and bring thigh parallel to floor.  Knees should stay behind toes.  Complete 12 reps on one side and switch sides for another 12.  You can add weight in each hand for an additional strength challenge.
  • Pistol squat – See video – I used the Smith Machine and placed a bench under the center under the bar.  The bar is raised in the top position.  I have little weight but trust me, this one is not easy.  Stand in the center of the bench with bar rested on your shoulders, not your neck.  Stabilize one foot on the bench and let the other leg hang off the bench.  Bend knee of the leg placed on the bench reaching the free leg for the floor.  Keep knees behind toes.  Hinge at the hips and push that booty back like you are sitting in a chair.

  • Lying Leg Extension

Set 2: 4×12 Super Set

  • Donkey Kicks – there are lots of different ways to do these.  Sit on knees so that knees are under your hips.  Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders.  Use your hamstring and glute to push right foot toward the ceiling.  Lead with the heel but keep foot flat.  Knee will stay bent.  Return knee under the hip and repeat on this side.  Complete set and repeat.  You can add weight by placing a dumbbell between your knee.
  • Dead Lift – this is a great back exercise as well.  Place feet hip width apart.  Place barbell in both hands and rest barbell at thighs.  Hinge at the hips and hips will go back to wall behind you.  Keep legs straight, but there will be a slight bend in your knees.  Reach barbell for the floor and push through your heels to straighten back up to starting position.

  • Cable Kick Back – see video – Hinge at hip and keep a straight line from head to tailbone.  Keep leg as straight as possible and kick leg back with as much extension as possible.

Set 3: 4×12

  • Hamstring Curls – I prefer to do this exercise using the TRX.  But if you do not have a TRX system, a stability ball is an excellent substitution.  Lie on back and place heels on top the ball.  Straighten out legs.  Place arms, palms down, on the floor in a “T” position for stability.  Lift hips and squeeze that booty while using hamstrings to move knees toward hips.  Keep hips elevated the entire exercise.  Push legs to starting position while keeping hips elevated and glutes engaged.

  • Bridge – There are so many variations for this exercise.  All of them are effective.  Here I use the stability ball.  I like the stability ball for an added core challenged.  Lie on back.  Place heels on top of the ball.  Roll ball so that knees are above hips.  Keep knees bent and press heels into the ball and raise hips off the floor while squeezing those butt cheeks together.  Slowly lower hips but do not rest your booty on the floor.  Repeat.  If you want the extra challenge try lifting one leg in the air while completing the exercise.

  • Calf Raises – (I do 3 sets of 25) – There are numerous ways to complete this exercise.  I find using the Smith Machine really BURNS the calf muscle.  Place a step under the bar for the Smith Machine.  Place your preferred weight and stand so bar rests on shoulders.  Step on the step.  Place balls of feet on the step, the arch will be resting on the edge.  Press through the balls of your feet and lift your heels, and lower heels.  Lower heels just below the top of the step.  Repeat.  I like to do 15 slow and controlled and pulse the last 10.

Enjoy! Take pictures or film yourself and post on Instagram.  Tag me @swaitt for accountability.  I’d love to hear how your booty burned after this workout!

  • Last tip:  HAVE FUN!

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